Leading Beyond 2025

We all love fantasising about the future and imagining what our world will be like in 10-20 years. Will Facebook still be around? Will the iPhone 20 enable hologram conversations, or will Virtual Reality be ingrained into our daily lives and workplaces?  All exciting things to consider.

But as business leaders, it’s not as rosy as it sounds. When you are working hard to drive the business forward, it’s often very difficult to find the time to analyse the changing environment and consider possible future issues that may have an impact.  Often, we have a sense of looming future issues or opportunities, but they are just far enough out of reach that a large proportion of leaders haven’t a clue as to how they will respond.

Recently Future Institute of Australia brought together a group of CEOs and Senior Leaders at its annual Executive Round Table, to explore and discuss Leadership Beyond 2025. The objective of the round table was to identify the key issues, challenges and opportunities beyond 2025 to assist the business community in preparing for multi-level changes that are already starting to and will in the future affect the way businesses operate.

The participants in the round table were tasked with identifying what skills, knowledge and attributes leaders beyond 2025 will require to be successful.  This info-graphic showcases the groups findings with regards to the key issues, challenges and training requirements that leaders beyond 2025 will require.

Some of the areas that were discussed at length during the round table included:

  1. Emotional Intelligence, it is essential for leaders to understand and regulate their own emotions and the emotions of their teams. Check out Future Institute EQ program here
  2. Mental Health Awareness, providing teams with the knowledge and capability to be equipped to monitor and respond to Mental Health in the workplace. Check out Future Institute Mental Health Awareness Program here
  3. Effective communication, both in teams and as a leader was discussed at length, but also, how to maintain effective communication when technology is often the main vehicle for important information and decisions. Check out Future Institute’s effective communication program here
  4. Leadership styles and leadership training was an essential item of the future leader. Being able to adapt your leadership style to a situation will be just as important in the future as it is today.  Check out our Leadership programs here
  5. Being a leader of change and inspiring your team will be critical, with the pace of change increasing every year, leaders will need to be change experts. Our leadership programs cover change and innovation in detail.

If you need assistance to future proof your leaders, get in touch and we will arrange an in-depth training needs analysis to identify your organisations training needs.