Student Testimonials

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The leadership course has helped me in management situations already. I am very excited for the remainder of the course and believe it will be invaluable to my success as a leader.

Adam Oliver – Juicebox – Leadership Course

Seeing such immense value in the EQ sessions and course learnings, I felt inspired to share this with the wider agency. My colleagues were super appreciative of the presentation and saw the benefit of the course.

Hayden Garrard – Juicebox – Emotional Intelligence program

The skills I developed from Future Institute Australia’s Leadership and Management course improved my confidence to work in a team as a Mining Engineer tremendously. The course structure was very relevant to many areas of my work, and I was able to apply these skills I learned daily at work. For example, the course taught me how to keep the attention of an audience when delivering a presentation in additional to providing the skills to better manage projects.

The delivery of the course was excellent with the perfect amount of homework. During the COVID pandemic, the course continued to be delivered to a high standard using Zoom.

Faraz Ferdosian – Barminco – Leadership Program