Training Needs Analysis Workshop




Comprehensive Report

Cohort Size

 up to 25 participants

Delivery Mode

Facilitated Workshop


A Training Needs Analysis is the process of identifying the ‘performance opportunity’, e.g. training needs, based on organisational and employee needs.  It provides the organisation with an opportunity to seek feedback from the team/s that it is looking to upskill and include them at the beginning of the change process.

A TNA is broken down into 3 steps, as outlined below:

Benefits of Training Needs Analysis

This workshop is facilitated by an experienced executive coach/trainer that will assist in uncovering the training needs required to:

  • improve team performance and leadership capability
  • improve productivity and therefore improve bottom line
  • improve communication and emotional intelligence
  • reduce ‘lost time industry’ rate
  • improve customer satisfaction / improve morale
  • assist in changing the organisation’s culture and behaviour

One of the key benefits of getting a third-party to conduct a Training Needs Analysis is that it allows participants to open up and share their real concerns and opinions in which they may not do through a company facilitated session.

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