Financial Literacy Apprentice Program

Total Training Days

1 x 2hr workshop


Certificate of Attendance

Cohort Size

Maximum 12 participants

Delivery Mode

Face-to-Face Workshop


An essential program for Apprentices

This program is aimed at providing basic financial knowledge among apprentices.  The program brings awareness and knowledge to the following topics.

  1. Bank accounts debit/credit;
  2. Interest rates fixed/variable;
  3. Loans;
  4. Budgeting; and
  5. Gambling.

The objective is to provide fundamental and practical knowledge across these topics and shine a lite on the impact of what can occur when making poor decisions.  (This program does not provide financial advice).

Program Delivery

This program can be delivered at your workplace on a time/day that is best suitable to the Apprentices schedule.

Future Institute will collaborate with your organisation to design activities that are relevant to your apprentices.  This will enable feedback before the workshop to ensure the language and activities will resonate with the group. 

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