Our Story

Who are we?

We are an Organisational Development Specialist / Training Provider who works with clients to develop their people at all levels (by improving performance and changing behaviour).

Future Institute aspires to be regarded as a provider of quality training, with a focus to develop and sustain its clients’ business growth through customised workplace training programs.  To do this effectively, Future Institute has and will continue to consult regularly with industry to ensure its training programs remain relevant with the ever-changing environment and emerging technologies.

How did we start?

A little bit about us…

The three original directors named this training organisation ‘Future Institute of Australia’ to emphasise our focus on training for the future.   We provide contemporary content using the latest technology to prepare our participants for the future in an ever-changing environment.

One of our key focus areas is new leaders.  Often the most technically-capable person in a team is promoted to a leadership role without being provided with any leadership or critical soft skills training.  For a team to succeed, its leader must have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to lead, manage and support their team.

What do we do?

Future Institute designs, develops and facilitates customised training solutions, (eg. Nationally Recognised Training, non-accredited programs) and one-on-one or group coaching sessions.

We also design and develop customised eLearning Modules (SCORM) that are interactive and engaging using Articulate 360 Storyline with gamification options.  These can be hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) or provided as a SCORM file for the client to host on their LMS.

How do we do it?

Customised approach, based on an analysis of training needs, with a range of evaluation strategies and reporting arrangements

How are we different?

Customisation, uncomplicated and simplified approach


Facilitating increased performance and organisational capability in businesses by empowering their people to lead into the future.






The story behind our logo:

  • The gold dot, on the right, represents a leader leading a team forward in formation (ie. working together to achieve their objectives)
  • The perception of the logo is moving forward in the right direction, into the future
  • The brand represents leaders training for a better future
  • The triangle in the form of a ‘play’ button portrays the organisation’s desire to utilise the latest technology for the benefit of our participants / clients.

Future Institute of Australia strongly believes that if organisations invest in their employees by developing their skills and knowledge, the benefits are enormous, both in staff retention, output and efficiency.

A common concern among business owners is that if they invest in training, staff might leave / go to a competitor.  Our response is:   Wouldn’t it be worse, if you didn’t train them and they stayed?