Coaching Model

Future Institute of Australia has a diverse range of coaches to suit a wide variety of industries and various management levels.
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”
John F Kennedy

Why Choose Us?

Our coaching approach is fully customised based on the situation, person’s or team’s development needs and the objectives of the coaching arrangements – ‘coaching needs’.

The coaching framework (presented below) provides conceptually our approach to coaching for senior and middle management, however this framework can vary.

We also offer Shadow Coaching for frontline leaders, which uses components of the framework’s coaching, however mainly focuses on onsite observation and coaching, having less diagnostics upfront.

These tailored coaching solutions are structured based on the ‘coaching needs’ as well as:

  • number of people
  • location
  • mode (eg. face-to-face or Zoom)
  • group or individual arrangements
  • level of integration with a leadership development program.


  • Briefing with key personnel
  • Obtain authorisation to proceed
  • Obtain commitment from coachee’s manager that they will support and assist the coachee during the process.

Coachee Commitment

  • Develop rapport with coachee
  • Provide outline of coaching process
  • Discuss coaching objectives and information gathering process
  • Sign the coaching agreement
  • Immediate coaching needs discussed and plan developed

Information Gathering

Information gathering, for example interviews with colleagues and manager

Using appropriate diagnostic tools, for example:

  • DISC Profile
  • Customised Behaviour / Performance 360o Survey
  • Emotional Intelligence Survey

Summary Report

  • Future Institute Coach creates a Summary Report from the information gathered and analysed using the KEEP, CHANGE, STOP, BEGIN Framework.

Coaching Sessions

  • Number of sessions based on client need
  • Coaching sessions conducted using the IGROW Model.
  • Initial coaching session includes full debrief of results of diagnostic tools and discussion of Summary Report.  Goal setting and monitoring is crucial.

Onsite Observations

  • Coach to observe the coachee in meetings, individual conversations and in general workplace activities.


  • Review meeting with the referring person / coachee manager (or Coachee) after the coaching

Duration and Cost

Duration of coaching sessions can range from 6 months – 2 years.

Pricing is based on individual needs and inclusions, please contact us to discuss how we can customise a coaching model to suit your needs.

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