Do your teams have the right skills, knowledge and capability to achieve your organisations strategic objectives?

Over the past month we have explored the challenges associated with aligning the organisational purpose and strategic objectives down the line so that it effectively translates into actions at the grass roots level.

We looked at a collaboration model to ensure you have the right culture and structure in place to foster a collaborative environment.

We explored communication challenges and demonstrated how to improve your communication flow and where you rated on the 5 levels of communication model.

We looked at alignment of operational objectives to strategic objectives and the importance of reinforcing not only your purpose and strategic direction but the necessity of ensuring your teams understand and live the organisations values.  Without these foundations the best laid plans will fail.

But what if you have all that in place and your teams are still not hitting the mark?

The obvious first consideration would be to evaluate if your teams are trained in their roles and responsibilities.

If this isn’t clear or there has been an absence of training in your business for some time you might consider conducting a training needs analysis, using a collaborative approach, with your team to seek their input about where there is room to improve.

Consider this approach….

Set up a half day working group with key stakeholders from a variety of different areas across the organisation.  Explain that the workshop is about them exploring the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to improve as an organisation and as a team.

There might be key themes to focus on, for example, if it is a leadership group you may pose a question, “What does Leadership need to look like in our organisation over the next 18-months”?  or “Where are we currently and where do we want to be? What are the skills, knowledge and capabilities we need to bridge the gap?”

The best part about this type of activity is your team will feel included and you might even learn something you didn’t already know about your business.  In our experience this process helps enormously in the creation of relevant training that is designed to help individuals and teams be more effective in their roles. It also goes a long way in ensuring strong take up and participation of training programs that are implemented into the business as a result of the training needs analysis.

Future Institute conducts comprehensive training needs analysis workshops and has used this exact method to improve organisational effectiveness.  If this is something your business can benefit from get in touch to explore how we can customise a TNA workshop to help your business identify performance opportunities.

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