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The Power of an Abundance Mindset

As an organisation that focuses on building organisational capabilities through developing leadership skills, Future Institute has invited Mark Iriks, a local successful entrepreneur and leader to share his thoughts on ‘mindset as a leader’.

Mark, is now a self-funded retiree who enjoys a great lifestyle built on a solid foundation of mistakes made, lessons learnt and inevitable skills amassed through his ownership and management of various successful businesses.

“I have met many business owners who aren’t leaders and many of these business owners ended up being the boss for whatever reason. The consequences can be devastating and never realised simply because lost opportunity and unrealised potential are both invisible and unaccountable.

 This highlights the importance of ensuring quality leadership.  The best leader to me is one who has an abundance mindset. Believing in yourself and believing in your workforce is a powerful leadership quality.  A skilled and motivated workforce can fail under leadership of a scarcity mindset leader just as an unskilled and unmotivated workforce can flourish with the introduction of an abundant or growth mindset leader.

 The belief that nothing is stagnant or permanent and that everything is malleable or temporary is (to me) the basis of a growth mindset.

 As a leader I believe that growth is always achievable, opposing views are an asset, fears are best faced head on, challenges are invited and celebrated. I believe that every employee can be trained and reshaped into being a better asset. And yes, you can become a great leader through education and training, but remember leadership is more about mindset and action than intelligence. You will be a great leader if you get prepared to change your most basic characteristics to create the ability to achieve a worthwhile goal.

 You will become a successful leader by embracing challenges when no one else is prepared to.

 You will become a successful leader when you persist for longer even when the task seems impossible.

You will become a successful leader when you find new ways to put in more effort.

You will become a successful leader if you take the time to develop and enhance your leadership capabilities”.


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