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Change Management

This week we focus on the topic of Change Management and the importance of its effective application, we would love to hear from you about how you have effectively implemented change management within your organisation.  What did you learn, what worked exceptionally well? what would you do differently?… Read More

Want to Significantly Reduce Your Pay-roll Tax?

  It’s no secret that Western Australian businesses pay the highest amount of Pay-roll Tax than any other State with a threshold of $800k and a rate of 5.5%. The ABC reported in July 2015 that Pay-roll Tax had increased as a proportion of total State Tax Revenue from 26.1%… Read More

Leadership and Energy

  Each week Future Institute of Australia will focus on a topic related to Business, Leadership and Management.  These thought pieces are designed to share a point of view and encourage debate.  If you would like to share your experiences or point of view on any of our thought pieces… Read More

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