Future Institute of Australia case study with client


LG Professionals were looking to offer additional training resources to its members through the creation of eLearning modules. LG Professionals had identified a range of short courses that they wanted to provide and some existing content on Power Point presentations.  These presentations had been used for face-to-face training over the years.

While LG Professionals possessed the content expertise, they did not have the capability to create eLearning or a learning management system to run eLearning software.

Future Institute was contracted to:

  • Work closely with LG professionals to transform the face-to-face PowerPoint presentation training into an interactive eLearning program.
  • Formulate with a solution that would allow LG Professionals to host the eLearning and enable an easy-to-use, automated, and time efficient enrolment process.

Future Institute Solution

eLearning Development Process:

Future Institute used its 5-step process to ensure the LG Professional training package was transformed into an interactive eLearning program. We provided the client the opportunity to host the end product (SCORM file) on its Learning Management System, as well as creating a token self-serve enrolment process, making it easier for LG Professionals to sell enrolments without the hassle of managing them.

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    Analyse & Design

    We conducted an initial customisation meeting to confirm the learning environment brief, project goals, learner characteristics. At this point, we reviewed the content of the existing induction and confirmed learning outcomes and our assessment strategy.

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    An eLearning prototype was developed. When the eLearning development reached 15% completion, a meeting was conducted to demonstrate the initial direction and confirm the project met the LG Professionals’ needs.

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    At this stage, ALPHA testing begins. The completed full draft was sent to LG Professionals for the first full review. This enabled them to list their requested changes online. We recommended that the second review be sent to at least four future students to undergo the same process.

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    BETA Testing begins. City of Bayswater to review and make final changes. We conducted internal quality testing and project finalisation. SCORM file was then delivered to LG Professionals.

The eLearning included:

  • At least 10 review activities.
  • 10 assessment questions (based on a pool of 20 questions that rotate) – to avoid participants sharing answers.


    The module was created and finalised within a four week period.  The client was extremely satisfied with the result.

    “LG Professionals WA engaged The Future Institute to design an e-learning module program suitable for local governments across WA. Right from the start of the process, Michael, Janet and the Team strongly demonstrated their experience and knowledge in this area; their approach was methodical and agile.

    They understood the diversity of the local government sector means that consultation is a key part of the development process and the Future Institute team worked with us through this with sound advice and support along the way.

    The end product is something that as an Association we are really proud of – it’s contemporary, user-centric and suitable for all 139 local governments with varying size and scale.

    The team at The Future Institute was always responsive and responded to all our queries timely and efficiently. I would highly recommend their services.”

    – Candy Choo GAICD, Chief Executive Officer, LG Professionals