Future Institute of Australia case study with client


Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) is made up of members from five traditional Aboriginal language groups: the Ngarluma, the Mardudhunera, the Yaburara, the Yindjibarndi, and the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo.

MAC’s mission is to preserve and protect their land, heritage and culture while also transforming the lives of those within the community. They also seek to ensure that visitors to the region respect the cultural lore and traditions as they enjoy the magic of the land which is the Murujuga national Park.

Murujuga asked Future Institute of Australia (FIOA) to review their current Cultural Awareness PowerPoint (PPT) including the facilitators’ notes as feedback had identified that the current presentation was too wordy and that the key messages needed to be communicated more effectively to ensure that their importance was not diluted in any way.

Mike Fountain (Manager Ranger Services) and Peter Cooper (Ranger Coordinator) indicated that they were hoping the presentation would be more engaging and interactive, to clearly convey the traditional stories as intended, and also to have a ‘wow’ factor from the audience’s point of view.  They want the experience of the audience to be enhanced whilst still protecting the integrity of the message.

Program Design

FIOA met with the team of MAC Rangers, to review each PowerPoint slide in the current induction program. We then put forward recommendations of how certain slides could be changed to ensure that the essential message was not lost, and cultural expectations were respected.

FIOA then presented a draft of the Cultural Awareness Program with, in some cases, multiple options for the material to ensure that it captured the key messages in the right way.

The final presentation was a highly animated PPT using a variety of media options to engage the audience and maintain the integrity of the information to be shared.

Program Delivery

With guidance from the MAC Rangers our team worked to achieve an engaging presentation which was implemented by MAC and is currently being used by all Rangers on site.

This is an induction / introduction to the Murujuga National Park for visitors to ensure that they:

  • Are aware of sacred areas within the park
  • Are respectful to the land and the people
  • Understand the role of MAC
  • Understand some of the history, treasures and customs of the area.

Client Testimonial:

We engaged the services of Future Institute of Australia to redesign our Cultural Awareness Training package. From the outset, Cecelia and Janet were very welcoming and professional with all staff involved. They were particularly understanding of our needs and provided forums to gain an appreciation of what the final product should look like. Our staff were able to have input and co-design the presentation with many options recommended by Cecelia and Janet.

We are very satisfied with our new look presentation which will enhance our interactions with our stakeholders and allow us to professionally showcase the wonderful culture that Murujuga has to offer.

Mike Fountain

Manager Ranger Services

Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)