iDNA Health is the first clinic in Australia to provide access to personalised healthcare based upon an individual’s genetic data. They are the experts in Clinical Genetics and have a decade of experience. They offer the most extensive and comprehensive clinical genetics systems available to practitioners.

IDNA found that one of the major barriers to market was that practitioners have no baseline knowledge or training in this area, which makes it hard for them to deliver personalised healthcare based upon this genetic data. They also found that there is a limited capacity to gain training in this area.

A priority for iDNA was to address this need, and to offer healthcare practitioners accessible, high-quality DNA-based education and training. However, Clinical Genetics is highly complex. They needed to find a developer that could create their DNA-based online eLearning modules that could effectively convey this very complex data.

Program Design

Through consultation with iDNA, Future Institute’s developers created a sample eLearning module based on one of iDNA health’s training modules, incorporating their branding and vision for the program. The module was broken down into bite sized pieces and included custom graphics, diagrams and interactivity that help practitioners to absorb the information in an engaging way.

Upon successful delivery of the pilot, Future institute has gone on to create another 8 modules for iDNA, with more underway. Below is some feedback we have received so far:

“We were amazed at what Future Institute did with our information and how well they navigated the complexity. They outlined creative options and solutions we had not even known were available, which enabled us to present our information in a highly engaging and interactive way. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome and believe we have the best DNA-based training available”

Sharon Palmer – iDNA Health


So far 8 Clinical Genetics Modules have been created with more underway. iDNA plan to launch their new program in the new year.

IDNA Clinical eLearning
IDNA Clinical eLearning