Future Institute of Australia case study with client


Barminco is one of the world’s largest hard rock underground mining services companies, with operations in Australia, Africa and North America. They are renowned for being global leaders in high-speed development and mining production. With a large professional workforce and equipment fleet.

Barminco were looking for a provider to create an engaging and interactive Cultural Awareness eLearning program for their expats to undertake before working on onsite in Botswana. They wanted to provide their expats with vital background information and advice to assist them to appropriately engage with locals and also provide advise on their personal safety, security and health while in Botswana.

Program Design

To identify the critical training areas / topics that needed to be included in the program, Future Institute established a working party of Barminco representatives, consisting of experienced expats, local managers from the mine site in Botswana and senior managers of the mining company. Future Institute worked with the group to mind map all the key topics to be included in the eLearning program, based on their combined knowledge and a risk assessment conducted by Barminco.

Once the topics and content were established, our senior curriculum developers then created a storyboard that was reviewed by all parties before commencing the development of the eLearning module. The eLearning included photos and sound clips from the local people, with regular review activities and interactions to ensure engagement and retention.

Below is an extract from the eLearning created. This section provided the expats with common keywords and phrases to familiarize them with the local language:

Program Delivery

The pilot was delivered to 6 local managers to confirm that it met the critical requirements and was culturally correct before being rolled out to all Barminco expats that were travelling to the Zone 5 project in Botswana.

Client Testimonial:

Please accept this letter as a testimonial of the work completed by the Future Institute of Australia for Barminco in relation to an e-learning package that was required to support our Zone 5 project, Botswana. This package represented the first form of exposure for many expats preparing to mobilize to the Zone 5 Project and as such provided vital information about Botswana, the people of Botswana (Batswana), security, health, safety, language, culture and conditions that our people needed to be informed of in order to assume their roles respectfully and embark upon a deeper cultural discovery journey when they arrive.

Future Institute of Australia delivered an e-learning program that hit the mark. It provides participants with information in an intuitive and interesting manner that ensures curiosity is peaked and foundational knowledge is retained.”

Brian Finlay

Barminco Group Training Manager