Future Institute of Australia case study with client


Cleanaway Industrial Services provides services across the mining and construction industries covering a wide range of services including vacuum loading, water blasting, closed circuit monitoring, parts washers, sludge management to name a few.

The WA Senior Leadership team identified a group of 16 leaders that it felt deserved further investment in their professional development. This group were identified for a range of reasons including great work ethic and good attitudes towards their work. The business had never instigated a program like this before, so they wanted to ensure that the program was highly relevant to enable a positive experience for the participants.

Program Design and Customisation

Future Institute worked closely with the Cleanaway WA team to identify the key areas that they wanted to improve among this group.  A good portion of the group had not completed year 12 and most had not done any study in many years.  So it was essential that the program was highly relevant to the roles of these leaders by using practical examples and providing ample time for the participants to work one on one with the trainer when required to embed the learning.

Future Institute customised each assessment and ensured that the workplace training used relevant examples of site based work and scenarios.

Program Delivery

The program was delivered over 18 months and included 12 face to face workshops as well as a range of other touch points including eLearning and one on one time with the trainer.

Program Outcomes

The WA leadership team for Cleanaway were really happy with the end results of the program.  They have observed tangible improvements in the way that these leaders coach and motivate their teams and were clearly very proud of the effort that they put in over the 18 month program.  Here is what the WA General Manager had to say. Cleanaway Testimonial