Future Institute of Australia case study with client


The Perenti Leadership Development Program (originally known as the Ausdrill Leadership Development Program), commenced in December 2018, with the intent to develop the organisation’s Frontline Leaders, including Supervisors, Drillers and Offside Drillers.  The program is carried out over 18 months and currently has 10 cohorts, with a total of 108 participants enrolled.

Participants include frontline leaders from a selection of Perenti Business units, Ausdrill and Drill Rigs Australia (Surface Business) and BTP and Minanalytical from the Investments Group.

The BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is the foundation of the Perenti Leadership Development Program, however additional content based on Perenti’s needs, the participants’ needs, and industry requirements / current practices, along with Perenti’s Values and Behaviours have been included throughout the program.


Future Institute worked closely with Perenti to identify the specific training needs at the supervisor level.  Customisation meetings were held, a range of diagnostic tools were used and organisational documents were incorporated into the program to create the fully customised BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.  The customisation also includes working on real projects throughout the program and using workplace application to ensure the new skills, knowledge and capabilities are highly relevant to the leaders’ roles.


The Perenti Leadership Development Program is comprised of 12 Units of Competency delivered over an 18 month period.

Prior to each workshop, the participants are required to complete the eLearning modules which provide the underpinning knowledge required for each Unit.

The face-to-face workshops focus on activity based learning. The workshops are highly interactive with small / large group activities allowing for discussions and debriefing, all relevant to the challenges the leaders face every day.

Six weeks after each face to face workshop, a live webinar is scheduled for participants and their Trainer. This provides an opportunity for the participants to share their stories of implementing their new skills and knowledge, as well as discussing any challenges they have faced.

The participants are required to complete assessments for each Unit. These assessments include workplace application with emphasis on embedding the Perenti Principles. The assessments are relevant to their roles and rely on real workplace projects.


To date, Perenti have enrolled 108 supervisors into the Leadership Development Program, with the first 2 cohorts graduating in May 2020.