Time Management Course

This course is aimed at unlocking the importance of time management and providing the tools, skills and knowledge to assist in prioritising, exploring urgent vs important, delegating, and finding balance at work and at home.


Time Management Program

There are many ways of improving your productivity – such as writing a plan, prioritising, delegating more, or even downloading productivity apps. But if you don’t fully understand why time management is important, you may not have the motivation to change.

Our Time Management course provides participants with all the tools they need to effectively manage workloads through understanding the importance of time management, prioritising what’s urgent and what is important, delegation, and effective planning.

Participants will learn:

  • Strategies to ensure your day is planned to allow you to keep control
  • Takeaway tools that you will be able to apply immediately
  • Delegation skills to ensure you maximise your teams
  • Tips and strategies to ensure all future meetings are meaningful
  • Finding more time through intelligent prioritisation

Key Topics

Workshop Content:

  • Alignment to organisational objectives
  • Keeping an eye on the big picture
  • Common time wasters
  • Assessing barriers to your performance
  • Time Management Techniques
  • The key to preparation
  • Delegation Practices
  • Time management tools
  • Plan and managing tasks
  • Goal setting
  • Managing meetings
  • Why meetings go wrong

Program Delivery

Program Delivery Options

We will work with you to identify the best delivery option for your organisation. Typically, this is run as a full day or half day face to face program.

Pre-Workshop Options:

  • Diagnostic Tool – Communication Styles
  • Difficult Conversations eLearning

Course Customisation

  • This course will be customised to include your organisation’s policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Workplace application strategies will be discussed during the customisation meeting
  • Customisation is included in the program cost

    Contact us to find out how we can customise this program to suit your organisation.

    Course Benefits

    • Customisation

      Customised content to suit your business’s specific needs.

    • Workplace Trainers

      Specialised trainers will complete practical training in the workplace.

    • Activity Based Learning

      Learning from each others shared experiences.

    • Resources

      Workbook and downloadable resources.

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