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The Workplace Bullying and Tolerance Workshop aims to help workers, team leaders and managers identify and deal with bullying as well as develop and instill tolerance towards others. It provides practical information and advice on building a safer and happier workplace for everyone concerned.

Workplace bullying costs Australian employers between $6 – $36 billion dollars every year when hidden and lost opportunity costs are considered.[Australian Human Rights Commission].

Why train your staff?


Workplace bullying is a serious workplace health and safety issue that does not only affect staff, but also undermines the profits of organisations.

“Workplace bullying creates unsafe working environments and poses a risk to employees’ health. Further, it leaves companies and organisations open to the threat of expensive litigation. Not dealing with workplace bullies is a risk organisations can no longer afford to take. And far from being a minor personnel issue, smart employers are now viewing and treating workplace bullying for what it really is…as a risk management issue”. – [Know Bull]

Cost of bullying to an organisation:

  • Reduced morale
  • Decrease in productivity by both target and witnesses of bullying
  • Destruction of company culture
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Loss of staff and expertise
  • Turnover costs
  • Legal fees
  • Damage to organisational reputation

Future Institute’s Workplace Bullying and Tolerance Workshop

Future Institute’s Workplace bullying and Tolerance workshop covers the following topics:
What is workplace bullying?

Types of bullying, examples of workplace bullying, what bullying is not.

 impactImpact of bullying

The impact and cost of bullying on an organisation, on it’s employees and on bystanders. Real life stories, facts and examples. Why don’t people report bullying?

 Managing emotions
Legal and Ethical Obligations

Bullying is a crime – relevant legislation and law, employer, employee and bystander responsibilities.

 Workplace bullying – Why?

Why do people bully? Profile of a workplace bully – behaviours and tactics, how workplace bullying occurs, bully ‘targets’, vilification and victimisation, the bully ‘boss’.

 stopPrevention plan – What you should do?

Recognising the signs of bullying in the workplace. What should you do if you are being bullied or witness bullying? What you should do as a manager / organisation to improve your working culture and reduce the risk of bullying?

Action Plan – Where to from here? 

Ability to manage, influence and inspire a new culture, develop tolerance and make a change.

Workshop Details

  • Workshops have the convenience of being delivered in the workplace
  • Each session is approximately 3 hours long
  • Groups of up to 25 participants per session
  • Interactive small and large group activities

Take-away tools and resources

We provide a comprehensive list of take-away tools and resources that can be used for developing and using anti-bullying methods in personal and work situations.

Duration & Cost

Half day and full day workshops available, contact us to find out how we can customise a program to suit your workplace.


Some bullying statistics to consider:

7 out of 10 employees…whether they’re a target or a witness…will leave their jobs as a direct result of workplace bullying – [Know Bull]

Research published in 2010 by Know Bull…an Australian online anti-bullying resource… found that an ‘active’ bully resides in two thirds of Australian workplaces…and that in almost 60% of cases this bully was a ‘boss’… such as a manager, senior manager, or CEO / executive director.

Half of bully targets will suffer a 50 to 70% loss in their productivity…while about 70% of witnesses will experience a decline in their productivity by around 10 to 40% – [Know Bull]

2005 WorkCover (ACT) estimated the dollar ‘cost’ of workplace bullying saying, “The financial cost of workplace bullying to business in Australia is estimated to be between $6 billion and $13 billion a year.” This includes indirect costs, such as absenteeism, labour turnover, loss of productivity and legal costs.

How to Enrol

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Course Benefits

Online Access

Students will have the flexibility to complete theory online

Workplace Trainers

Specialised trainers will complete practical training in the workplace


Comprehensive support from trainers via phone and email

Applied Learning

Application of learning through workplace projects

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