Building Habits That Matter Program (BHTM)

In partnership with Blanc. Homes

About the Program

The ‘Building Habits That Matter’ (BHTM) Program is a ground breaking opportunity for Apprentices to enhance their interpersonal skills to turbo charge their careers.

The objective of the BHTM Program is to provide Apprentices with key skills that are often overlooked during the early stages of their apprenticeship.

Areas covered include:

  1. Being mentally ready for the job site
  2. Being a good communicator
  3. Understanding basic problem solving methods
  4. Presenting with a positive attitude
  5. Having strong personal values and respecting others
  6. Learning how to adapt
  7. Understanding their own emotions and building resilience

What is Unique about the BHTM

The BHTM Program has been created for industry by industry.  Future Institute, a Registered Training Organisation, in Partnership with Blanc Homes, have analysed the key challenges that Apprentices face in the early years of their career.

In addition, Future Institute and Blanc Homes obtained essential feedback from industry leaders to identify the key outcomes that would benefit the participants and employers as a result of this program.

The program itself has been customised by an experienced tradesman, now a registered builder in conjunction with Future Institute to ensure a high amount of relevance to the workplace.

The BHTM Program is underpinned by a set of 6 Core Values.  These Values are an essential part of being successful in anything that you set your mind to in life.  Throughout the program these Core Values will be unpacked and put into practice in the workplace.

Program Outline

The Building Habits That Matter (BHTM) Program is aligned to three (3) Units of Competency delivered over six (6) half day, face to face training sessions, over 4-5 months.  The program includes eLearning modules and practical workplace applications between each workshop.

Topic 1 - BSBCMM201 Communicate in the Workplace

This unit is delivered over two (2) half day face to face workshops and describes the skills and knowledge required to communicate in the workplace including gathering, conveying and receiving information and completing routine written correspondence.

Key topics covered:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – what it is and how it relates to effective communication
  • Effective listening and speaking skills in verbal communication
  • Respect, courtesy and sensitivity
  • Cultural differences in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships, mutual trust and confidence
  • Strategies to overcome communication barriers
  • Meeting legislative requirements, enterprise guidelines

Topic 2 - BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment

This unit is delivered over two (2) half day face to face workshops and describes the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a  business  environment. It includes identifying and working to organisational standards, managing workloads, and working as part of a team.

Key topics covered:

  • Identify work and personal priorities and achieve a work/life balance
  • Apply time management strategies to work duties
  • Demonstrate appropriate dress and behaviours
  • Identify and display a non-discriminatory attitude
  • Being courteous and helpful at all times
  • Complete allocated tasks

Topic 3 - BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others

This unit is delivered over two (2) half day face to face workshops and describes the skills and knowledge required to work cooperatively with others and deal effectively with issues, problems and conflict.

Key topics covered:

  • Identify own responsibilities and duties
  • Encourage, acknowledge and act on constructive feedback
  • Provide support to team members
  • Contribute constructively to workgroup goals and tasks
  • Share information
  • Identify and plan strategies/opportunities for improvement
  • Respect differences in personal values and beliefs
  • Communication styles and responding appropriately
  • Identifying issues, problems and conflict
  • Deal with or refer issues, conflict and problems appropriately

Blended Delivery Model

Future Institute have designed the BHTM Program to be conducive to the busy workload of an Apprentice.  Completing eLearning (underpinning knowledge) prior to each workshop ensures that the workshops remain interactive and relevant to the workplace. Assessments commence in the workshop and require workplace application to finalise assessments.


There will be a 2 hour induction prior to the commencement of the program to ensure participants are fully prepared.  This will include a demonstration on how to use the eLearning, understanding expectations and meeting fellow participants.

Interactive eLearning

Online eLearning modules are provided for each Unit of Competency prior to the workshops.  Each module is carefully designed to provide an interactive experience and outline essential knowledge to assist in the effectiveness of the workshops.  Each module is no longer than 30-45 minutes, depending on the participant.

Half Day Face to Face Workshops

A total of six (6) half-day workshops will be conducted over a 4-5 month period.  The sessions are conducted at Future Institute’s training facility in Victoria Park.  There are two experienced facilitators delivering the program, both have direct experience in the Building and Construction Industry.

Workplace Application

At the end of each workshop, participants will be required to complete workplace tasks to apply their learning.  This application will be tailored to the Building and Construction Industry and form part of their workplace assessments. Workplace application will be recorded in their logbooks.

Assessment Submissions

Participants will submit their course  workbook to the facilitator at the end of each workshop and submit their logbooks / including their workplace application in Workshop 5. Upon successful completion participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the  three Units of Competency.

How to Enrol

The first BHTM program commences in June 2020.  All you have to do is click on the Apply Now button below and complete your application.  Warning! This program will challenge you and put you out of your comfort zone.  Apply only if you are up for the challenge.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Be an Apprentice in the Building and Construction Industry
  2. Be in at least the first year of your trade
  3. Have completed year 10 or equivalent and have sound language, literacy and numeracy skills to complete the learning and assessment tasks
  4. Have support from your employer to participate in the program
  5. Be available for a face to face interview prior to enrolling in the program (Via Zoom or Messenger)
  6. You and your employer will need to agree to a pre and post survey which will include measuring your progress during and after the program.  Your employer will also be asked to provide feedback on your progress as a result of the program
  7. Have access to a computer / email for the duration of the program

Incredible Opportunity:

This program costs $2,500 per person, but for the June enrolments only CTF are funding the entire program cost as part of a pilot program.  There is limited spaces so apply now.

If you would like to discuss the program further don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 329 300 or email,

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