Workplace Mental Health and Well Being Course (For Leaders)

The Workplace Mental Health and Well Being Course aims to help leaders and managers identify and manage mental health problems in the workplace that supports the individual and the organisational needs. It provides practical information and advice on building a safer and happier workplace for everyone concerned.


Cost of Mental Health in the Workplace:

  • It’s estimated that 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime (the most common being anxiety and depression) and tend to affect people during their prime working years (16 to 64 years). Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2008). National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 2007, Table 1. Cat. no. (4326.0). Canberra: ABS.
  • Around 90 per cent of employees think mental health is an important issue for businesses, but only 50% believe their workplace is mentally healthy. TNS (2014). State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia. Melbourne: beyondblue.


Workplace Mental Health Awareness Workshop (for Leaders)

Why train your leaders and mangers?

Mental Health is a serious workplace health and safety issue that does not only affect staff, but also undermines the productivity and success of the organisation. Employers are at an increased risk of costly legal action if they fail to address mental health issues in the workplace properly.

Your leaders / managers need to be prepared to deal with mental health issues in their workplace. It’s important to provide support from the top down, to embed a mentally healthy organisational culture.

Benefits of effective management of mental health in your organisation:

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves organisational culture / builds morale
  • Minimises absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Retains staff and expertise
  • Reduces turnover costs / possible legal fees
  • Improves your organisation’s reputation

Workplace Mental Health and Well Being Course (for Leaders) covers:

  • What is ‘mental health’?
  • Impact of a mentally unhealthy workplace
  • Legal and ethical obligations of an organisation (and its management)
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health in the workplace
  • How an organisation can reduce the risk of mental health problems in the workplace
  • Prevention Plan – What you should do?
  • Action Plan – Where to from here?

Program Delivery

Workshop Details
  • Delivered in the workplace
  • Available in both Half Day and Full Day workshops
  • Up to 18 participants per session
  • Interactive, small and large group activities
Take-away tools and resources

We provide a comprehensive range of take-away tools and resources that can be used for developing and promoting a positive culture of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Duration & Cost

Contact us to find out how we can customise our program to suit your workplace.

Course Benefits

  • Online Access

    Students will have the flexibility to complete theory online.

  • Workplace Trainers

    Specialised trainers will complete practical training in the workplace.

  • Support

    Comprehensive support from trainers via phone and email.

  • Applied Learning

    Application of learning through workplace projects.

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