Leadership Essentials - Pick your topics!

Total Training Days

 1 – 7 days depending on topics, 1 day per topic


Certificate of Attendance

Cohort Size

8 – 18 participants

Delivery Mode

Blended – eLearning and Workshops


A Flexible Leadership Program Tailored to your Organisation

Every organisation is different, and so are their needs when it comes to developing their supervisors and managers. As a collective, they may excel in some areas, and need development in others.

If you’re looking for leadership training in Perth and want maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your team, then our tailored program could be perfect for you.

This program is designed for organisations wanting to train 8-18 participants in key leadership skills, but with the flexibility to fit YOUR specific requirements.

NOTE: We offer a range of other leadership training programs. If the below tailored program doesn’t fit your requirements, just complete the form below and one of our highly skilled consultants will contact you to discuss your specific needs. This can include Cert IV and Diploma training programs. You may even qualify for Government incentive / funding arrangements, depending on your circumstances and requirements.

Program Delivery

This program is delivered as a highly interactive and engaging learning approach using a blended delivery model that can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

Our delivery models include:

  • Online interactive eLearning modules for each topic
  • Face-to-Face or online workshops, this can be delivered over half-day or full-day workshops
  • Comprehensive student workbooks
  • Fully customised activities and scenarios

Up to 18 participants can attend with no change to the price.

Each workshop can be delivered consecutively, or a month apart – whatever suits your organisation’s needs.

Program Inclusions

Fully Customised Content

Pre-workshop eLearning

Face-to-face Workshops

Takeaway Resources

Pick your topics!

Each topic is covered in either 1 full day or 2 half-days training. Pick as many or as little as you like.

Topic 1 - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Leaders

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Self-assessment
  • Self-awareness tools and techniques
  • Self-regulation strategies
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Emotional triggers and responses
  • Stress indicators and stress management strategies
  • Importance of empathy

Topic 2 - Communicating Effectively as a Workplace Leader

  • Communication styles and models
  • Communication barriers
  • Techniques for effective communication
  • Communicating with influence
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Having difficult discussions
  • Conflict resolution

Topic 3 - Leadership and Leading Team Effectiveness

  • Leadership Style Self-Assessment Survey
  • Leadership vs management
  • Role of a leader
  • Situational leadership
  • Organisational values
  • Improving team culture
  • Components of an effective team
  • How to effectively delegate tasks
  • Effective decision making

Topic 4 - Change Management

  • Change Orientation Self-Assessment
  • Change models and processes
  • Emotional stages of change
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Leading through change

Topic 5 - Performance Management and Mentoring

  • Developing relationships, building trust and confidence
  • Performance management – Setting goals, strategies, KPIs
  • Providing clear measures and instructions
  • Leading and motivating a team
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance
  • Providing support to staff to meet performance requirements
  • Mentor, manage performance and under-performance

Topic 6 - Project Management

  • Project Management life cycle
  • Project proposals
  • Managing risk
  • Project management models and tools
  • Contingency planning
  • Project monitoring and reporting

Topic 7 - Work Allocation and Time Management Skills

  • Aligning tasks to organisational objectives
  • Common time wasters
  • Time management techniques
  • Delegation practices
  • Planning and managing tasks

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