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Emotional Intelligence Test - Self Assessment


Future Institute’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test evaluates a student’s EQ (against the 5 Dimensions of EQ) through a self- assessment of 50 statements.   The 5 Dimensions of EQ are:

  1. Self-Awareness – emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, know their own EQ strengths and weaknesses
  2. Self-Regulation (or self-management) – self-control, step back and suspend judgement before acting
  3. Motivation – goal-orientated, drive, commitment, initiative
  4. Empathy – awareness of others’ feelings and concerns, considerate towards others
  5. Social Skills – interacting with people successfully and creating positive outcomes

Upon completion, the student’s results outline which of the Dimensions are their ‘strengths’ and which ones ‘need attention’.



The cost per person is $69+GST. Call or email us today to access your assessment

Multiple Licences

If you would like to provide this assessment to multiple team members contact us via email or call today.


Once your payment is processed you will be provided with your own login to the assessment via our learning management system.  These login details will be valid for 4 weeks from the time of payment.  If you would like to extend this time frame simply send us an email and we will provide you with extension options.  If you would like to provide multiple licences to your team get in touch with us to discuss how we can create an access period that suits.

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