Workplace Bullying and Harassment Course

The Workplace Bullying and Harassment Course is aimed at helping workers, team leaders and managers identify, deal with and prevent incidents in the workplace. It provides information and practical training on building a safer and happier workplace.


Why train your staff?

Workplace bullying and harassment is a serious workplace health and safety issue, organisations need to be aware that 57 per cent of bullying cases and 75 per cent of sexual harassment cases worldwide were not reported, according to a recent IBA report.

On top of this half of bully and harassment targets will suffer a 50 to 70% loss in their productivity…while about 70% of witnesses will experience a decline in their productivity by around 10 to 40% – [Know Bull]

Cost of bullying to an organisation:

  • Reduced morale
  • Decrease in productivity by both target and witnesses of bullying
  • Destruction of company culture
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Loss of staff and expertise
  • Turnover costs
  • Legal fees
  • Damage to organisational reputation

Key Topics

Future Institute’s Workplace Bullying and Tolerance Course covers the following topics:
  • self-awareness-1-150x150-1
    What is workplace Bullying and Harassment?

    Types of bullying, examples of workplace bullying and harassment.

  • social-skills-150x150-1
    Impact of Bullying and Harassment
    The impact and cost of bullying and harassment on an organisation, on it’s employees and on bystanders. Real life stories, facts and examples. Why don’t people report bullying and harassment?
  • Managing-emotions-150x150-2
    Legal and Ethical Obligations
    Bullying and harassment is a crime – relevant legislation and law, employer, employee and bystander responsibilities.
  • why-150x150
    Recognising the types of behaviour?
    Why do people bully and harass others? Profile of a workplace bully – behaviours and tactics, how workplace bullying and harassment occurs, bully ‘targets’, vilification and victimisation, the bully ‘boss’.
  • stop-150x150
    Prevention Plan – what should you do?
    Recognising the signs of bullying and harassment in the workplace. What should you do if you are being bullied, harassed or witness bullying and harassment? What you should do as a manager / organisation to improve your working culture and reduce the risk of bullying and harassment?
  • empathy-150x150-1
    Action Plan – where to from here?
    Ability to manage, influence and inspire a new culture, develop tolerance and make a change.

Program Delivery

Facilitated Workshop

The half-day or full day, interactive workshops consists of small and large group activities that apply to real workplace scenarios.

Take-away tools and resources

We have several diagnostic tools and other resources available to purchase to assist you in preventing workplace bullying int he future.

Duration & Cost

Full Day and Half Day workshops are available, contact us today to discuss how we can customise a program for your business.

Some bullying and harassment statistics to consider:

Key Findings from the largest-ever survey on bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession conducted by the International Bar Association in 2018

Of the Australian  female respondents

47%  reported they had been sexually harassed

73%  reported they had been bullied at work

Of the Australian male respondents

13%  reported they had been sexually harassed

50%  reported they had been bullied at work

Course Benefits

  • Customisation

    Customised content to suit your business’s specific needs.

  • Workplace Trainers

    Specialised trainers will complete practical training in the workplace.

  • Group Facilitation

    Team building and collaborative approach.

  • Resources

    A comprehensive list of take-away tools and resources.

Let’s Get Started

A recent study showed that more than 60 per cent of Australian respondents reported that they had been bullied at work, compared with 51 per cent in the UK, 50.3 per cent in the US and 43 per cent globally.

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