Ethical Leadership

Training Options

4hrs / 8hrs


Participant Workbook

Cohort Size

up to 18 participants

Delivery Methods

 Face-to-face / Virtual

Course Overview

Ethical leadership is crucial in today’s complex and rapidly evolving world. Leaders are not only expected to drive results but also to do so in a manner that considers ethics and in accordance with social values. Leaders need to be prepared to make ethical decisions in complex and ambiguous situations and embrace responsibility and accountability for their decisions.

This course is designed for team leaders, supervisors and managers responsible for making decisions and implementing change. Participants will discover what driver them, and the kinds of behaviours effective leaders demonstrate.

Duration and Delivery

This course offers two options:

  • a full-day intensive (8 hours)
  • a half-day introduction (4 hours)

Both options are available either as face-to-face sessions for up to 18 participants or as virtual sessions for up to 9 participants.

Course Customisation

To ensure our training meets the specific needs of your organisation, our Instructional Design Team will facilitate a virtual meeting to customise and contextualise the content. This will include activities in line with your workplace procedures and practices, and develop suitable activities, scenarios, and workplace application strategies to ensure meaningful outcomes.

Course Inclusions

  • Workbook – a take-away workbook of content, activities and notes from the workshop
  • Customisation is included in the course cost

Optional Extra

We recommend an eLearning module be completed by participants prior to the workshop. This pre-learning will provide the underpinning knowledge for theorists and reflectors and allow the session to be more practical and application based (at additional cost).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand fundamental ethical principles, such as honesty, fairness, accountability, vulnerability, respect for others and their role in ethical leadership.
  • Foster self-awareness regarding personal values and biases, enabling the recognition and management of potential ethical conflicts.
  • Understand different types of unconscious bias and how to identify and mitigate bias in the decision making process.
  • Recognise ethical dilemmas in various contexts.
  • Make ethical decisions by considering the consequences of their actions on various stakeholders (decision-making frameworks, such as utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics).
  • Embrace responsibility and accountability for actions and decisions, including acknowledging mistakes and actively learning from them.

Location & Fees


Delivered at your workplace, Australia wide

Or at our training centre in Victoria Park (at additional cost).


$4,995 (+GST) 8 hours  

$3,495 (+GST) 4 hours  

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