Cultural Intelligence Course (CQ)

If you want to achieve immediate results that embody organisational and cultural values, with a clear focus on practice and sustainability, then a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) workshop is for you.


“Tanya’s exceptional cultural insights not only helped us maintain good relations with a large international client, but had a significant impact in supporting local staff to smoothly collaborate.” – Mark Small, CEO, IFAP

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations. CQ is rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted by scholars around the world. Leading organisations in business, education, government and healthcare are adopting CQ as a key component of personal development and competitive advantage.

Research demonstrates several consistent results for individuals and organisations that improve Cultural Intelligence (CQ), including:

  • More effective Cross-Cultural Adaptability and Decision Making
  • Enhanced Job Performance
  • Improved Creativity and Innovation
  • Increased Profitability and Cost Savings
  • Amplified Situational Awareness

This course also helps to build self-confidence in those wanting to meet the challenges of interpersonal relationships at work and socially.

If you want to achieve immediate results that embody organisational and cultural values, with a clear focus on practice and sustainability, this is for you.

About the Facilitator

Tanya Finnie, global cultural strategist, specialises in the adaption of appropriate cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution across differing cultures, and the growth of emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) within individuals and businesses. She is an expert in building relations and instilling confidence in individuals.

Workshops Available

CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE FOR LEADERS – Cultivate Cross Cultural Skills – Ethnic and Organisational

In our globally diverse workplace more than just emotional intelligence is needed to lead. Understand how perceptions of different cultures shape interactions with others. Design strategies and create action plans to improve your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the culture of your organisation.

Identify your weaknesses and strengths and understand how your perception of culture shapes your interactions. Come up with strategies and action plans to improve your CQ and then improve the culture of your organisation.

*Includes a Cultural Assessment of your own CQ and a detailed feedback report.

CQ assessment*

Measure your individual capabilities for working and relating across cultures (including domestic diversity). This includes a personalised, 24-page feedback report on each participant’s cultural values, as well as a developmental plan for improving relations and expanding cultural intelligence.

You have an option of the Cultural Tool, Pro (Individual assessment) or the Multi- Rater where you get your own score and the average score of how others rated you. It includes a 23 to 25-page document about each individual that can be used for a variety of future professional development projects.

CQ Assessment includes:

  • Scores for the four capabilities and sub dimensions,
  • Summary of scores and personal preferences for 10 individual cultural value orientations. (E.g. Individualism vs collectivism) and
  • A personalised development plan for enhancing CQ.

Additional tools can be ordered as team reports, comparative section data etc.

CROSS CULTURAL CAPABILITY – Communicating with Different Cultures

Confusion about what is culturally appropriate can lead to awkward, embarrassing or even career damaging moments. This workshop focuses on behaviour and actions in a diverse cultural environment. It looks at how to manage people of diverse age, belief systems, working styles, gender, interests, learning styles and different cultural backgrounds. Analyse the effectiveness of current communication styles and identify improved methods. Investigate workplace culture, build on value structure and develop cultural capabilities.

CULTURAL VALUES TO IMPROVE RELATIONS – 10 Cultural Values You Deal with Daily

Culture is a shared pattern of beliefs, including values, yet we all come from different perspectives and norms. Learn how to recognise different values and behavioural patterns and adjust your communication style to create better outcomes and build strong collaborative relationships.

MANAGING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS – Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

All people hold natural biases and make decisions accordingly. Break the habit of implementing unconscious bias in this workshop. Find ways to reduce bias and discover how this improves diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Come and discover your three brains – mind, heart and gut.

Program Delivery

Duration & Cost

Full day and 1/2 day workshops available for small or large groups.

We work with clients to achieve sustainable outcomes and practical implementation. Contact us to find out how we can customise a CQ Workshop to suit your business.

Course Benefits

  • Online Access

    Students will have the flexibility to complete theory online.

  • Workplace Trainers

    Specialised trainers will complete practical training in the workplace.

  • Support

    Comprehensive support from trainers via phone and email.

  • Applied Learning

    Application of learning through workplace projects.

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