Privacy Policy

Privacy of Information

FIOA accepts and is committed to its obligations under the Privacy Act 1998 (as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector Act 2000 and its associated 10 National Privacy Principles). FIOA takes the privacy of our participants very seriously and we will comply with all legislative requirements.Collection of information is fair, lawful, unobtrusive and necessary for the organisational functions. FIOA advises clients, staff and trainers of the purpose for collecting information, how it is used and how they can gain access to their personal information held by FIOA.

Information will be collected from clients and / or participants for enrolment purposes. Assessment records are kept as required. Personal and professional information is collected from staff and trainers to enable FIOA to assess the professional standards of staff and trainers. FIOA will collect and store personal information which is required for the purpose of delivering training and assessment services and for issuing nationally accredited qualifications.

As required by law and our regulatory bodies, FIOA may need to make participants information available to others, such as the Australian Government, States, and Territory. When completing an Enrolment Form, participants give their permission to disclose their personal information to these bodies.

FIOA will take all steps to ensure accuracy and completeness of personal information and will update any changes or correct personal information at the written request of an individual. FIOA will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information held, be it stored in electronic or hard copy form. All personal information is stored in-house or archived in secure storage. FIOA will ensure the safeguarding of any confidential information obtained regarding participants and staff.

Use of Participant Information

FIOA will provide participant information to training staff or consultants on a need-to-know basis only. FIOA only uses information collected for the expressed purpose for which it was collected, unless prior consent is obtained from the person.FIOA does not use personal details (specifically photographs or names) in direct marketing without obtaining prior expressed permission from the person concerned. FIOA may use personal details to advise clients or participants of forthcoming events and training courses, for direct marketing and research purposes, however only where individuals have provided their consent to receiving such information.