Frequently Asked Questions

Moodle Users Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I access my e-learning, I get an ‘Alert’ stating that ‘The SCORM player has determined that your internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved”. How can i resolve this? 

A. This error is usually related to your personal Internet or wifi connection, more common on iPad’s.


  • Connecting via a desktop computer
  • Turning your router/modem on and off again
  • Close down any unnecessary programs or software applications running in the background of your computer
  • Close all other browser windows and tabs to give Moodle more bandwidth


Q. I have completed my eLearning component, however it is not showing up as completed?

A. Each eLearning activity requires an 85% or higher grade on the final 5 review questions in order to be marked as completed. Continue your attempts until you reach this grade. If you have reached this grade, ensure you have a stable internet connection when completing the questions, a loss in internet connection can result with an unsaved completion.


Q. I have entered an eLearning component, have clicked begin, however i cannot proceed to the next screen?

A. This can happen when your browser settings are zoomed too far out for the content player. Try pressing Ctrl whilst Scrolling the ball of your mouse down to adjust the browser zoom size, you should then be able to see the content controls at the bottom bar of your player.


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