Psychological Safety Program

Total Training Days

 1 full day OR 2 half days


Certificate of Attendance

Cohort Size

up to 18 participants

Delivery Mode

Face-to-face workshop


Creating a psychosocially safe climate in your organisation. (in line with WA’s 2020 Workplace Safety Law / Codes of Practice and ISO 45003:2021)

In March 2022, WA introduced new regulations to ensure psychosocial safety was included in the requirements of providing a safe workplace.

This course will equip leaders (middle managers, senior managers and frontline supervisors) with the skills and knowledge to improve the phsychological climate in the workplace to meet the WHS requirements for psychological safety. This course will provide the understanding that workplace safety is more than just preventing physical injuries.

Together we’ll discuss:
• The business case for psychosocial safety
• Who is responsible for psychological safety
• What a safe workplace looks like / feels like
• How to support the growth of an organisation where people feel safe to innovate – where people want to stay.

Program Delivery

This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop with scenarios and activities customised to reflect your organisation.


  • Face-to-Face or online workshop, this can be delivered over 2 half-days or 1 full-day workshop
  • Comprehensive student workbooks
  • Fully customised activities and scenarios

Up to 18 participants can attend with no change to the price. Each workshop can be delivered consecutively, or a week apart – whatever suits your organisation’s needs.

Program Inclusions

Fully Customised Content

Face-to-face Workshops

Takeaway Resources

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the psychosocial hazards in your workplace
• Understand how to reduce the stressors that impact staff wellbeing and productivity
• Understand the impact of mental ill health on your organisation
• Create a self-care plan to prevent burnout

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  • Group Training

    Learn and interact with other members of their team.

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    Comprehensive support from our trainers.

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    Application of learning through workplace projects.

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