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The Customer Complaint’s Management Workshop is best suited for front-line staff, it provides the tools, knowledge and fundamental skills to effectively handle, respond and resolve customer complaints whilst providing insight into reducing the overall number of complaints in the workplace.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience – “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner

Customer Complaints

Complaints are a fantastic source of continuous improvement, innovation and growth of the business / organisation.

Complaints can be very costly, time consuming and stressful for those dealing with the issue however, with effective complaint management, complaints can be an opportunity to improve your service and even generate more income.  Customers who feel listened too and have their problems solved can be incredible advocates and often become loyal customers who continue to buy your services or products

This workshop is aimed particularly at frontline staff, to enhance their knowledge and skills enabling them to deal with complaints in a productive and proactive manner. It provides an insight into the requirements and processes involved in customer complaint handling including interpersonal skills, which empower staff to negotiate and resolve a complaint with confidence. When handled effectively customer complaints can be a win – win for all parties.

Future Institute’s Customer Complaint’s Management Workshop

Complaints are inevitable, and the way they are handled and reviewed can have a huge impact on the business. Effective complaint handling will ensure that a satisfied customer will continue doing business again in the future – knowing that if there is ever a problem, they will be met with quality service and the issue will be resolved quickly. Again this strengthens the relationship and builds trust with the customer.


Future Institute of Australia’s Complaint Management Workshop covers the following areas:

Understanding customer complaint behaviour

  • Why do customers complain?
  • What are the top reasons that cause customer dissatisfaction?
 stop Reducing customer complaints

  • Taking a Proactive Approach
  • How a customer complaint can be turned into an opportunity
 Managing emotions
Responding to customer complaints

  • Developing key skills and specific techniques to effectively handle complaints
  • 5 Step Effectively Handling Complaints Process
  • How to negotiate win-win outcomes
  • When to handle and when to refer – Complaint referral and escalation
 Reviewing customer complaints

  • learning from past mistakes to minimise future incidents

This program comprises:

Facilitated WorkshopeLearning Component (Optional)
4 hour, interactive workshop consists of small and large group activities that apply to real workplace scenarios.An engaging interactive online learning module, sent out with pre-course material allowing learners to fully absorb the training content.

Duration & Cost

4 Hour facilitated workshops

$249+GST per person – minimum requirements do apply, contact us for more information

Interactive eLearning – prior to the facilitated workshop (optional).  This provides underpinning knowledge which enables the workshop to be more activity based, eg. Role play, small group activities.


Workshops are fully customised to meet the needs of your organisation. Contact us to find out how we can design a Complaint Management Workshop to suit your business.


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