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‘New financial year. New strategy. Everyone on board for the ride?’

It’s that time of year where you have hopefully by now reviewed and re-aligned your organisation’s strategic direction for the year ahead and are already in, or in the early stages of, execution.  But will this revised strategy be implemented carefully to ensure that; A) Your middle management understand the… Read More

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Find out why Emotional Intelligence is so important to your success and learn how you can unlock the secrets to mastering this important skill. Watch our video to learn more about the skills you need to master to maximise your EI potential. Then follow this link to start Mastering your… Read More

Andrew Vlahov Interview Episode 6 (of 6)

In our last episode with four time Olympian Andrew Vlahov, find out what he will be focusing on in the next few years as well as his advice for individuals looking to develop into a leadership role. Read More

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