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Leadership styles will influence how profitable you are!

Have you ever witnessed an individual within an organisation that is not necessarily an official leader, but is someone who seems to unite people?¬†They possess a natural instinct for reading situations and effortlessly (or at least on the surface) bring the best out of people. World leading EQ expert Daniel… Read More

How to Increase Sales by Addressing Customer Needs

Today we address the age old sales and marketing question that has perplexed business leaders and marketers for decades: How do we generate more sales by addressing our customers’ needs more effectively?? As business managers, marketers and salespeople who believe in the benefits of our products… Read More

The unrealised potential of emotional intelligence

If your organisation was lacking in financial management capability, costing you significantly in unrealised income and impacting things like employee satisfaction, how would you seek to remedy the situation? You might consider training and development for staff or possibly have senior staff mentor others. Emotional intelligence is no different, so… Read More

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