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The Real Cost of Unproductive Meetings at Work

If you’re drowning in emails, stuck in unproductive meetings or tapping your fingers during a ridiculously long phone call, it can be hard to find the time to do any real work. Constant interruptions throughout the day are common. Dead-end meetings, overflowing inboxes and staff in a whirlwind of conversations… Read More

Why Training Your Leaders is Key

Increase staff retention High employee turnover is a bad sign for any business. What’s worse is not understanding why staff are leaving your business or not taking the necessary steps to solve any underlying issues to rectify this problem. Ignoring high employee turnover rates can be very costly to a… Read More

Workplace conflict is expensive

“A recent survey from CPP showed that 25 per cent of employees said that avoiding conflict led to sickness or absence from work. The same report also showed that nearly 10 per cent said that workplace conflict led to project failure and over 30 per cent said that conflict resulted… Read More

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