Is your business ready to deal with bullying?

Complimentary Bullying Resources included with this article

“The serial bully, who in my estimation accounts for about one person in thirty in society, is the single most important threat to the effectiveness of organisations, the profitability of industry, the performance of the economy, and the prosperity of society .” Tim Field (Author ‘Bully in Sight’), December 1999

Tim Field’s words could not be more on point and almost two decades on, evidence suggests that workplace bullying is on the rise. A recent survey reported by Know Bull highlighted some major concerns about the impact that bullying has on an organisation’s effectiveness, profitability, retention and culture.

The report highlighted that 66.6% of all respondents stated that a workplace bully was currently ‘active’ in their workplace, while 49.9% of these respondents estimated that this bully had been responsible for at least 4, to more than 7 staff leaving their workplaces over the past 1-2 years. Know Bull 2010

We have worked with a number of organisations on the issue of workplace bullying over the years and in the majority of cases we found that supervisors and managers were surprised about the seriousness of bullying. They were also unaware of how important their role is in prevention.

Unfortunately, when it comes to bullying, training in the form of how to manage incidents and prevent them from happening are skills that are overlooked. Dealing with bullying is often left until a bullying incident has occurred which leaves a business in damage control.

That’s why we have developed this complimentary eLearning awareness and audit tool to provide employers with an overview of workplace bullying, tools for how to prevent it and take action. Access Complimentary eLearning and Audit Tool Here

These resources were intended to provoke thought on the topic and help you to navigate an action plan for your business. We hope that these resources provide you with new insights on how to prevent and deal with bullying in your workplace.

There are a number of steps to ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place to address or prevent workplace bullying. It is equally important to make sure that the right training is implemented to support these policies and procedures.  If your managers and staff have a strong understanding of their responsibilities when being confronted with bullying, you are giving your organisation the best chance of success.

If you have identified an issue in your business and need assistance with designing a bespoke training program to help you prevent workplace bullying to meet your organisations needs contact us for a discussion. We will sit down and understand what you are trying to achieve and contextualise a training program that will help you execute your action plan effectively.

Access Complimentary eLearning and Audit Tool Here