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How to monitor your organisational culture

The importance of a strong and healthy organisational culture is undeniable, it can translate into increased productivity, employee retention and attraction to name a few. As we have explored over the last couple of weeks a healthy organisational culture is formed by shared beliefs, values and assumptions at its core. … Read More

Identify the organisational culture that you really want

Last week we looked at different types of organisational cultures that could exist and how your organisation compares to these common cultures. Was it clear where you sat in matrix or were you spread out over several of them? We also suggested conducting a basic cultural survey to confirm your… Read More

Do you understand your organisational culture and values?

Before you can truly understand your organisation’s culture you need to understand the common types of culture.  With this in mind you can ask yourself if your organisation’s culture matches what you think it is. Below is a model that showcases the 4 most common types of organisational culture. Read More

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