Workplace bullying is a serious and common issue in many businesses. Future institute of Australia’s Workplace Bullying and Tolerance Workshop will help your staff to identify & work through strategies to diffuse and resolve internal bullying.

Workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment is a major cause of ill health in individuals as it inhibits their ability to complete their jobs effectively. It also has a huge financial cost to the organisation in lost productivity. Further more other cost can be incurred by the business through fines, staff absence, employee turnover and loss of reputation.

Workplace bullying can be described as recurrent unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person, or group, that compromises workplace health and safety. Bullying in the workplace can be direct (such as using insulting language towards a colleague) or indirect (such as allocating a staff member unachievable tasks).

Future Institute of Australia offer an in-depth Workplace Bullying and Tolerance Workshop, aimed at workers, team leader and managers helping them to identify and resolve workplace bullying.

The half day workplace bullying and tolerance workshop will take place in your own office and lasts for approximately 3-4 hours.  It will help your team to understand more about what terms such as bullying and harassment mean, how to identity it in the work place, how to document any incidents and give your team guidance on resolution procedures.

For more information on this course please contact us and one of the team to discuss how we can customise this workshop to meet your workplace needs.