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These 3 critical planning tools will help you run your business like a pro

  1. One Page Business Plan
  2. Quarterly Action Plan
  3. SWOT Analysis
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One Page Business Plan

Most traditional business plans get tossed in a draw and forgotten about, because they're often 30+ pages and become outdated within a few months! To be effective your business plan should be an evolving document that you review at least every quarter to ensure you are achieving your goals. Future Institute's one page business plan will help you keep your business objectives front of mind.

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Quarterly Action Plan

This one page action plan works in conjunction with the One Page Business Plan and helps you plan the key actions required to reach your goals for the quarter. It provides a framework to list your priorities for the quarter and the people responsible for those areas. Before the end of the quarter you should review your progress and identify what worked and what didn't.

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SWOT Analysis

The SWOT, an extremely underrated diagnostic tool, can be used annually on your one page business plan and action plan. We ask you the traditional questions of a SWOT, but also give you room to expand on the findings. For example, how will you use your strengths to minimise the impacts of your weaknesses? Remember, the SW relates to your internal environment and the OT relates to your external environment.

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