Diagnostic Tool

Workplace Bullying Organisational Health Check


This analysis tool has been created to assist organisations to review their current practices (e.g. systems, policies, procedures, processes, training and development opportunities) as well as current organisational data (e.g. WHS data, HR data, exit interview data, staff satisfaction data) to diagnose possible risk factors and identify any areas that may need attention, consideration and / or review.  It is aligned to the Workplace Bullying Prevention Program covered in the eLearning.  It also provides examples and options of how you can implement positive change so that you can develop a plan to take action.

Step 1: Collect a range of data for review, including:

  • Organisational Data: Absenteeism and turnover rates, workers compensation claims, transfer requests, grievance and complaints, exit interviews, performance reviews, productivity data, staff satisfaction surveys, HSR reports, training, policies and procedures.
  • Observation and consultation: Issues raised by OHS committees, issues raised by staff members, issues raised in staff meetings, direct and indirect observation.

Step 2: Using your organisational data, complete the checklist with this tool to identify areas that could be improved.

Step 3: Create and implement an Action Plan (template within this tool) for the items identified as a concern

Step 4: Monitor and review the effectiveness of the Action Plan


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