Customer Service

Two corporate professionals visibly arguing and appearing frustrated. The image is intended to set the scene for the customer complaint management / handling course.

Complaints are Laced with Opportunity

Learn about the new changes to complaints and internal dispute resolution procedures for financial institutions as mandated by ASIC, as well as the importance of having effective complaint management processes. In the 2...

Two corporate professionals are pictured. They have exaggerated body language, suggesting that they are having difficult conversations. This image aims to visualise the topic of the blog which describes why difficult conversations might go wrong and how to overcome this with effective communication.

A Simple Approach to Having Difficult Conversations

Learn seven common mistakes that people make during difficult conversations and how to combat these with effective communication strategies. Usually, difficult conversations can be resolved quickly if they are addressed ...

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How to monitor your organisational culture

The importance of a strong and healthy organisational culture is undeniable, it can translate into increased productivity, employee retention and attraction to name a few. As we have explored over the last couple of week...