Our Approach

We believe in clearly identifying the training needs and determining a meaningful training solution that will not only improve performance but also change behaviour.

The first step when embarking on organisational development is to determine if there is an actual training need. Future Institute use a number of methods in this area to help identify the current performance against the required performance to uncover areas for improvement.  This process is also used to engage the team where the development is required. Future Institute has a unique approach to engaging the team to help them realise the development need and showcase a pathway to take action.

Once the training need has been identified Future Institute will develop a unique and customised training solution that is tangible to the organisation.  This will be determined based on the collected data and organisational feedback from the first step. Future Institute has over 30 years experience in identifying training needs within organisations and developing solutions that are closely aligned to improving performance and changing behaviour.

There is no one size fits all training package or solution. That is why the development and customisation go hand in hand. By this stage in the process Future Institute will have a good understanding of the training needs and will contextualise the practical application to real workplace projects and tasks. Participants will be guided on how to align their new skills, knowledge and capabilities to their day to day roles to ultimately improve productivity and performance.

This could come in a range of different forms, from Nationally Recognised Training courses, Customised Skill Sets, Micro Learning, Coaching or even the development of eLearning.  Whatever the solution, Future Institute believes in a blended model of learning which includes a combination of eLearning, face-to-face workshops and application of knowledge where participants will be held accountable.

Future Institute will work closely with your organisation to set up a delivery schedule that meets the demands of the workplace. Most of Future Institute’s students are busy professionals that work long hours so it is important that the training solution is flexible.  Future Institute trainers work before and after business hours and on weekends to fit the schedules of our clients.

Future Institute believe in ensuring it’s clients receive tangible benefit from any course that is delivered.  Future Institute will work with your organisation to measure key areas where improvement is required.  Before the training commences Future Institute will suggest a variety measurement options that can be used throughout the duration of the course to track performance progress.  Future Institute believe in long term relationships where they help you to achieve your long term and short term objectives.