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Future Institute has partnered with Classroom of Hope. Classroom of Hope exists to help children realise their greatness. They provide access to quality education to children in developing countries, including Cambodia and Rwanda.

Classroom of Hope

$886.32 $12000

16 Jan 2017

Future Institute Team · GAVE $886.32

Student Contribution

Classroom of Hope
Making a Difference

At Future Institute, we are committed to making the world a better place. As part of that commitment we have partnered with Classroom of Hope to help provide access to quality education to children in the developing world.

With each student enrolment at Future Institute, $35 will be donated to Classroom of Hope’s Building Schools Program. Each $35 donation covers the cost of 10 bricks, which are used to build a school. Our goal will be to contribute enough bricks to build a classroom in Rwanda by the end of 2017.


Education is the building block of every society. As a student at Future Institute, your education helps to build schools and bring education to children in need. Through your education at Future Institute you will gain the tools necessary to change your life while simultaneously giving children in the developing world the tools they need to change theirs. Together we can unleash the great potential that lives in all students and improve the livelihoods of future generations both in Australia and abroad.

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