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Future Institute has partnered with Classroom of Hope. Classroom of Hope exists to help children realise their greatness. They provide access to quality education to children in developing countries, including Cambodia and Rwanda.

Classroom of Hope

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18 Jan 2019

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Classroom of Hope
Making a Difference

At Future Institute, we are committed to making the business world a better place by providing world class leadership training to employees and businesses in Australia. It is a great privileged to live in a country that has the capacity to offer the service that we offer to our clients.

But as we all know the lottery of life doesn't give everyone the same opportunities. That is why we support Class Room of Hope. Their mission is to educate children in areas that don't have the infrastructure to deliver it. Classroom of Hope are empowering these communities for the future and they are an organisation that needs to be noticed. Follow the links and join us in supporting their great cause.


Education is the building block of every society.  But in some parts of the world children don’t have the same opportunities that our children have in Australia.  Classroom of Hope are changing this one school at a time and we are proud to support them on their mission.

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