John Hughes Interview – Episode 7 (of 7)

John is 81 this year, in this episode we find out his secrets to sustaining his energy and focus.  He also gives an amazing analogy about maintaining a positive attitude and how to put things into perspective during tough times.  He finishes off by sharing his top business tips. Read More

John Hughes Interview – Episode 6 (of 7)

  In this episode John shares his experience in the area of Change Management. He opens up about the challenges of implementing new technology into his organisation and the importance of putting the customer at the centre of any change process. Read More

John Hughes Interview – Episode 5 (of 7)

  More than half way through the series with John Hughes and the best is still to come. In this episode John explains the importance of training your staff constantly. He also shares some of his motivational techniques that he uses to engage his team day in day out. Read More